Residential Home ServiceWhy Replace, When You Can Refresh!

We are one of the fastest growing refinishing companies in the country and we want to offer the best products in the industry to our clients. Our Ultimate coating system was developed specifically for us, to be one of the most durable coating systems in the business. Our Ultimate serves as a testament to our drive towards revolutionizing the refinishing industry. We are confident that when you contact Refresh Refinishing, it will be one of the best experiences and end products you’ve ever received from a contractor.

Refresh Refinishing strives everyday to anticipate and exceed the needs of our clients. Every member of our team goes through an extensive training program prior to working on your home. In addition to the initial training our team receives, we also have one of the most in-depth ongoing training programs in the industry. This ensures your technician is always completely up to date on the current refinishing industry standards.

Learn About Our Ultimate Coating

Refresh Refinishing offers their own exclusive coating system! Our Ultimate coating is one of the most durable refinishing coating available for bathtubs, showers and tile.

Ultimate’s molecular bond is so strong, it is permanently bonded and is solid once fully cured! It can withstand more abuse and aside from normal cleaning doesn’t need special maintenance.

We have seen this product last for many years and with its easy maintenance requirements, this is a no brainer for anyone thinking about replacing a bathtub or shower!

Ultimate Coating System

Full 5 Year Warranty!Available From Refresh Refinishing

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Works on Most Surfaces
  • Long Life Expectancy
  • Super Durable
  • No Use Restrictions
  • No Special Maintenance
  • Easy Care Instructions

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Learn how to save EXPONENTIALLY compared to replacement!

Refinishing is a fantastic option over replacement of old fixtures.