Ultimate Coating Systems by Refresh RefinishingThe Most Durable Bathtub Coating In The Business

Refresh Refinishing offers our own Ultimate coating system! Our Ultimate coating is the most durable refinishing coating available for bathtubs, showers and tile.

Ultimate’s molecular bond is so strong, it is permanently bonded and can’t be removed once fully cured! It can withstand more abuse than any coatings before it and removes all those pesky use restrictions other providers require. Just ask the ASTM, an organization that maintains and sets industry standards for coating products. They awarded Ultimate a 5B rating on their cross-hatch durability testing which is the highest rating available in our category!

With a life expectancy of over 20 years and easy maintenance requirements, this is a no brainer for anyone thinking about replacing a bathtub or shower!

Other coatings commonly offered in the refinishing industry, require a number of extra steps to maintain them. They have restrictions as to cleaning, what to clean with, if you can use a bathmat, or even where to leave your shampoo bottles. With Ultimate, that all goes out the window!

Just treat Ultimate like you would any other new bathtub! It is guaranteed to never crack or peel like other coatings and holds a gorgeous shine for its entire life. Other coatings don’t even come close!

All jobs performed with the Ultimate coating carry a full five year warranty. We stand behind our workmanship and product so much that we dare you to compare our Ultimate Warranty to any competitor!

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Full 5 Year Warranty!Only Available From Refresh Refinishing

Our exclusive RR Ultimate is the most durable bathtub, tile and shower refinishing product available on the market today. It is the only bathtub coating we know of to achieve a 5B rating by the ASTM on their cross-hatch testing. Unlike the coating products offered by other companies, this coating will last for years to come. Once applied and fully cured, the coating essentially becomes a permanent part of that surface. Ultimate carries unique elastic properties which allow it to expand and contract with temperature changes. This means the surface will never bubble or crack like other coatings.

RR Ultimate has the most beautiful shine possible! It’s so incredible, that you can literally see your reflection in it! Ultimate’s chemical resistant properties ensure it will retain that shine for the life of the coating. Other companies try to buff and shine their products in an attempt to achieve similar results but those fade very quickly, and you end up with a dull boring finish a few months later. Ours is a natural shine that’s built into the coating, so it really lasts.

RR Ultimate allows you to use a bathmat! You would think that is a given right? Oh no, many refinishing companies actually void their warranty if you use a bathmat on their coatings! Though Refresh does encourage people to lift up the bathmat when not in use, they are perfectly fine to use with our coating system. The reason we encourage people to lift it up when not in use is because water trapped under a bathmat can wear down any surface, including a tub that has never been refinished. However, we do not have the same problems with them causing coatings to peel like the other guys do.

Our Earth Texture line up is a fantastic option for updating the countertops or tile in your home. We offer a wide array of color options that all look like a natural stone finish. You are sure to find an option that goes well with any decor to transform an old dated looking area to a more modern feel. These coatings really work miracles with giving your space an inexpensive facelift. They are most commonly used on countertops, backsplashes, bathroom walls and shower pans. Our favorite combination for this product is to use it on the walls around your bathtub and restore the bathtub in our Ultimate coating. Your friends and neighbors will think you spent big bucks remodeling your bathroom well you enjoy taking an extra vacation.

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