The Story of RefreshA Revolution In Apartment Make Ready

Refresh Refinishing’s journey begins back in 2016 with its founding in Ohio. The systems and processes developed during the infancy of the company introduced many welcomed improvements to the surface refinishing space. The needs of our clients were being met with new efficiency and at a higher quality standard then what had come to be expected. The company rapidly began to grow and prosper and by 2019 had become a leader in the Ohio refinishing industry.

Refresh has been successful in many ways by putting a focus on caring for our customers, staff and the world in which we operate. We believe everyone in this world is important and should be treated with the respect they deserve. A primary measure of our success is based on the upward mobility of our team and the value of the solutions we offer to the world.

One example of our commitment to innovation is our Ultimate coating system. We discovered many flaws with the products commonly used in the refinishing, reglazing and resurfacing industry around the country and decided to tackle this challenge. Our Ultimate coating system has greatly improved the look and feel, as well as the longevity of refinished surfaces for our long list of clients.

In late 2019, Refresh decided to share its knowledge, experience and products with the entire industry by forming a franchise system. This franchise system helps individuals escape the rat race by finding a pathway to business ownership and our clients by keeping our ownership localized and attentive. Refresh Franchising was officially opened for business in early 2021 and today offers these opportunities around the United States. We also still operate the corporate location located in Akron Ohio servicing our Northeast Ohio cliental.

Mission Statement

The Refresh mission is to provide the best workmanship in the most efficient manner possible. In turn this rewards our clients with a valuable solution and our teams with a sense of purpose, pride and job security.

Adam Ferracane

Learn About Our Ultimate Coating

Refresh Refinishing is proud to announce our new line up of premium refinishing coatings! Our new Ultimate coating is one of the most durable refinishing coating available on the market and is exclusively offered to Refresh Refinishing clients.

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